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    Displaying the Values from the EJBs to the JSp

    Enda Dowling Newbie

      I am real new to EJBs & JBoss, as in I started learning about them 5 hours ago. Well I downlaod JBoss and have it running no problem. Went to this site: http://stardeveloper.com/articles/display.html?article=2001112801&page=1 and tried out their example. It was just creating a Session bean which would run on Tomcat through a JSP page. Now all the configuration was followed and I have Tomcat running on port 81 and JBoss running on 8080. When I go to http://localhost:8080 -- it shows me the JBoss page. That seems to be good. Once I try and go to the address where my JSP file is, /jboss/firstEJB.jsp -- nothing. Just being me to a annoying instantFinder page. I know this question is very general but I have:
      Set up the Server.xml file from the config DIR in Tomcat.
      Created and ran an Executable jar file created from the Session beans on jboss
      Created the JSP page needed to show the requested data from the Bean
      Created a META-INF folder and put in both ejb-far.xml and jboss.xml
      Created a WEB-INF folder that contains a web.xml file. Also created a lib folder and put jar files into folder from JBoss
      BUT i couldn't fild the files that were requested by the website which were:

      Are these files somewhere else or is there some master JAR file that does all the work?
      Any Suggestions would be great