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    JBoss switch data in 1-to-n relation

    Marco Huber Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have strange error with my bmp entity beans.

      I have 2 entity bean in a 1-to-n-relation. I will call them saleshead and salesline. A saleshead can have one or more saleslines. In general all worked fine. I create a saleshead and add the saleslines. If I reload the entity I get all data correct.

      Now I have the problem that the JBoss switched the datas of 2 relations.
      Saleshead.A has now the salesline.B data and saleshead.B has now salesline.A datas.
      In the Database the data are correct stored. Only the JBoss switch them.
      I checked the logs files, but I found no error or warning.
      To fix this I had to restart the application. Than all the relations are correct.

      I'm using JBossAS 4.0.0 and a PostgreSQL 7.4, both on a Linux system. As persistance I use the "Standard BMP EntityBean" configuration from Jboss with the commit option A.

      Why does Jboss switch the datas? What can I do to prevent this error?

      I hope someone could help me.