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    Cannot deploy simple session ejb

    Ivan Vuckovic Newbie


      I am having a problem deploying a simple session bean. I cannot see it in JNDI view and I see nothing in the output when I start up JBoss. Is there anything that I should see in an output of JBoss? I am using JUnit to test this EJB but I keep getting javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: ejb not found. I have used XDoclet to generate ejb stuff below. Unfortunately I don't have lot of experience with it.
      My Jboss.xml is as follows :


      To add beans that you have deployment descriptor info for, add
      a file to your XDoclet merge directory called jboss-beans.xml that contains
      the , and <message-driven></message-driven>
      markup for those beans.




      My ejb is as follows :

      <!-- Session Beans -->

      <![CDATA[Description for Rate]]>