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    Passivation issue

    Frank LaRosa Newbie


      I have some JSP pages that use jsp:UseBean to include a page-scoped bean, which in turn uses a stateful session EJB which it stores as a member variable.

      What I'm finding in the logs is that JBoss is doing a lot of work passivating and eventually dumping all these EJBs, even though the classes that reference them are presumably long gone since they should only have survived long enough to generate a page.

      I'd like to call the remove() method on the EJB after the page is done rendering but I can't figure out how to do that, short of inserting a scriptlet at the end of every page, which seems unreliable.

      Any advice?

      I realize that jsp:useBean isn't exactly the most state-of-the-art way to put functionality in JSP pages anymore, but it's an older application which I'd rather not rewrite. Thanks.