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    Transaction timeout in BMT

    jaikiran pai Master

      I am working on Jboss-3.2.3.

      I have a stateless session bean which has Bean managed transaction. In my code, i start a transaction using the UserTransaction. My bean actually does some database processing, which takes a long time to complete. Because of this, i always encounter the transaction timeout on the bean(after 5 min.).

      I would like to know, whether we can specify the timeout value in any configuration files, for this specific bean. And also, where is this 5 min. timeout value specified right now, because of which the bean is timed-out?

      I do know that the timeout value can be specified in the code, on the UserTransaction instance. However, i would like to know whether setting it through configuration files is possible

      Thank you

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          jaikiran pai Master

          I could not find a way, through which i could set the timeout value in configuration files. I went through the javadocs for UserTransaction. The

          setTransactionTimeout(int seconds) mentions that :
          seconds - The value of the timeout in seconds. If the value is zero, the transaction service restores the default value.

          Is there any way through which i can direct the transaction not to have a timeout value. I need this because, when setting the timeout value, i have no idea how long a query is going to run, during this transaction.

          Does anyone have a solution for the same?

          Thank you.