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    EJB3Trail  -- More detailed please!!

    kourosh bagheri Newbie

      @JBoss-Group/ JBoss-Forum-Admins and all other folks!

      Thank Jboss-EJB3Trail we now have a great tutorial for EJB 3.0, but sometimes the tutorials are not detailed enough!

      For example, you can learn, how to create and deploy stateless session beans in the hike under EJB3Trail/serviceobjects/slsb/index.html ... but there is only explained how the axample of the tutorial is built on.

      To me, myself, I would rather know how I can create a simple stateless session bean on jboss 4.0.3 with just one bean class plus its interface, just one little jsp file to invoke that bean and the build.xml (for ANT) to make the ear file of the whole stuff.

      The problem of the EJB3Trail tutorial is, that it only explains the whole stuff of the tutorial, but the tutorial is already too complex to be able to see the small steps taken to come so far! (for example to make just a little slsb and the jsp client)

      I would be glad to, if the jboss experts would make the tutorials a little bit more detailed, as explained above.

      Anyways, could someone please give me an example for building and deploying a small ejb 3.0 (.ear) with just one slsb(pojo)+interface(poji)+ build.xml+ jsp client?

      Thanks in advance!