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    jboss.xml seems to be ignored in EJB 3?

    platinumdragon Newbie

      Hello again,

      I am attempting to use EJB 3 (AS 4.0.3 RC1) on Windows XP Pro SP2.

      I have a working sample stateful EJB and can access it through its remote interface classname in JNDI, as is the default behavior in EJB 3.

      But, I would like to access it through a more generic name. I understand that jboss.xml allows you to override the default behavior, thus I have:


      and have placed this in the ./META-INF directory.

      In the DefaultProxy, I have the annotation


      I am assuming this is how the entry in jboss.xml gets linked to the EJB.

      And all of this gets packaged up in a proxy.ejb3 file and deployed. The problem is, that it still gets deployed under the remote interface name.

      It seems to me that the jboss.xml is either being ignored, or I am not doing what is necessary to link the two of them. I've been through all of the tutorials I can find, but this seems to be a fuzzy spot.

      Could someone please enlighten me?