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    ClassCastException on redeployment of Jar files

    Deepak Jois Newbie

      My situation is as follows :

      I use an MBean service which contains a HashTable (which is bound to a specific JNDI Name) to hold a bunch of Objects inside JBoss , in order for them to be persistent, i.e. to exist inside the JVM as long as JBoss is running.

      I then manipulate the objects and execute methods on the server using a simple EJB wrapper around all the methods, and then calling them from a client.

      This is a rapic protoyping scenario, hence I am constantly redeploying the classes (using a Jar file), the objects of which I hold in the Hashtable.

      I usually delete the reference of any object of a class that i am redeploying from the Hashtable.

      But sometimes when I redeploy the classes(as a jar file) and try to instantiate an object, I get a ClassCastException.

      Please explain to me what the problem could be and how I can go about solving this issue.