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    EJB3 Tutorial - Entity Bean

    Alan Ho Newbie

      I test run the entity bean and evertyting works fine. The PURCHASE_ORDER and LINEITEM tables were created in the Hypersonic database with records. Can some one explain what I have obsevered?

      1. Removing the tutorial.ejb3 from the deploy directory will remove the PURCHASE_ORDER and LINEITEM tables in the Hypersonic database. What if I created some data in the tables, make an additional column (allow null values) in LINEITEM table, remove the tutorial.ejb3 from the deploy directory, re-build the the example and re-deploy. All my previous data were gone. In actual production environment, how should we handle such situtation?

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          Shivani Sahi Newbie

          My tables are saved in the db ..they are there..but i still keep getting the userid as null when i give in the username and the password at the client..the table contains all 3 fields.I am unable to retrieve any information frm the db basically.PLease help.

          Thank you.

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            Zhou John Newbie

            take a look at META-INF/persistence.xml,the property hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto is the key to create or update or create_drop the tables.if u set it create_drop,ur tables will be deleted after undeploy the ejb3.ps,if u can't find this property,take a look at server/all/deploy/ejb3.deploy/META-INF/persistence.properties.

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              Alan Ho Newbie

              Thanks catton2000. In my server\default\deploy\ejb3.deployer\META-INF\ folder the contents of the persistence.xml is shown below. I guess the create-drop says it all.

              I would like to implement a persistence.xml file for MySQL database. Do you know an example anywhere?

              # Clustered cache with TreeCache