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    ERROR : Column is of type boolean, expression is of type cha

    Derick Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I`m really struggeling with this one :

      Setup :
      Jboss 4.0.1rc, Postgresql 8, EJB 2.1.

      I have a table with aobut 30 fields, all was working well....saving, deleting, updating till i added 2 fields which where boolean (didn`t have any boolean fiields before) now when i try to save, i get the above error....I even created a test table, created all new entity and session beans....and the same thing happens. I can read out of the tables, get the value as boolean....but no writing???

      Obviously the sql being send to the database is wrong, but where would the problem be, i`ve checked the fields, dto, ejb-jar.xml, jboss.xml...everything checks out,

      Any suggestions??