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    Remote exception

    john helen Newbie


      I have a Java server using JBoss and a database (mySQL). I also create an
      application with some SessionBeans, entity beans. My application run OK. However,
      sometime, the application does not run as there is a remote exception. The
      error is:

      Remote Exception : RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested
      exception is:
      java.rmi.ServerException: EJBException:; nested exception is:
      javax.ejb.EJBException: null; CausedByException is:
      No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout ( 30000
      [ms] ); - nested throwable: (javax.resource.ResourceException: No
      ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout ( 30000
      [ms] ))
      Remote Exception while generating myBean // myBean is a bean

      Then I have to restart the server (JBoss) to make my application to run

      I know that there are many reasons for this error. If you have any clue,
      for this, please help!!!

      Thank you

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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          You can find the clue on your own by carefull reading of the provided error message:

          "No managed connection available within configured blocking timeout"

          This simply means that your connection pool for your mySQL DB ran out of connections. You can monitor the connection pool state (e.g. number of available connections) with the jmx-console.

          For a determination of the underlying problem cause you have to provide more detailed information. Which JBoss version ? How many concurrent clients and things like that.


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            john helen Newbie

            Thank you for your help
            My JBoss is 3.2.5 verson. I only try in my computer (one client) and mySQL is 4.0. I really do not know that is Jboss problem or my beans's problems. I also tried install Jboss, mySQL and my application in another computer, there is also the same error. Is there any testing method???

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              Ulf Schroeter Novice

              Your JBoss version might be the problem as there is a connection leak bug in JBoss < 3.2.6 (I encountered the same problem as you (at least under heavy load) and after days of JBoss hardcore debugging finally found the causing synchronization bug and fixed it in CVS :-)

              -> Check your application behavior with JBosss 3.2.7