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    Local reference declarations in ejb-jar.xml

    jaikiran pai Master

      I have the following declaration in a ejb-jar.xml:
      What exactly does this mean(the statements in bold)?

      <session >
       <ejb-local-ref >
       <resource-ref >

      As per my understanding, it creates a logical reference for a bean to be referred by some other bean. Is this right?

      When is the logical name actually created during startup of server? i.e. When is the SequenceGeneratorBean bound to ejb/SequenceGenerator.
      I am enquiring about this since, i have a startup class implemented using a mbean, which actually looks up a bean. The bean (say xyzBean) looks up the MyTestManagerBean. I get the following exception:

      /ejb not bound

      If i remove the ejb-local-ref from the ejb-jar, then everything works fine.

      So how do i specify a dependency in my mbean for this local reference.

      Any suggestions are appreciated.

      Thank you