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    exception isn't caught

    Tremal Naik Newbie

      Hi, I have already posted this on the Tomcat/Servlet forum, because I thought it was a Servlet problem, now I'm not so sure. I hope this is the correct forum.

      Have a look to the following piece of code, please. It's a struts action, calling a method on a EJB, throwing a InvalidPasswordException:

      public ActionForward execute(...) throws Exception
      catch (InvalidPasswordException ipe)
      catch (Exception e)

      if I deploy the code into jboss version 4.0.0RC1 the exception is caught in the first catch, as expected. Deploying the SAME code into jboss version 4.0.2 leads to an unexpected result: the exception is caught in the secong block, while its stack trace tells it's an InvalidPasswordException:

      2005-08-12 16:54:08,343 [http-] ERROR [ROM] com.xxx.web.utilities.InvalidPasswordException: Cannot change password, old password does not match with current password
       at com.xxx.business.util.CurveUserHelper.saveUserPassword(UserHelper.java:523)
       at com.xxx.business.ejbs.implementations.StarClientDataBean.saveUserPassword(StarClientDataBean.java:282)
       at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

      can someone tell me why this happens?