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    Question about Calling EJB's externally

    Chad Jones Newbie

      I'm new to J2EE application server programming and I'm trying to grasp the ins and outs of utilizing EJB's so please bear with me :)

      Right now I'm working with a simple Session EJB called via an htmlservlet.

      I can successfully call the ejb from the htmlservlet when the project (ear) is all contained on the same Jboss server.

      I've started experimenting with using the same ear deployed to two seperate Jboss servers. This ear contains a session EJB and htmlservlet that calls the EJB.

      I've modified jboss-web.xml so that the descriptor says to call the EJB over on my 2nd server.


      What I've found is that the EJB will only execute on the 2nd server if I modify the ear on the client machine to not include the jar that holds the ejb. If I leave the jar as part of the ear then the EJB continues to run on the 1st Jboss server.

      Is this normal for the jnp://mach0001 etc entry to be ignored in the event that the EJB exists locally or is their something more I can specify?

      This is all using Jboss 3.2.7 and I'm using Eclipse 3.0 with xdoclet to generate my descriptors and interfaces and perform my packaging.

      Any light anyone can shed is appreciated.