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    deploy problem for ejb3.0 in jboss 4.03

    yu pan Newbie

      I have deploy problems:

      Receive timed out when my *.ear file is deployed.

      I create a entity class, a session bean with home and remote.
      a *.jar and *.par are made into a *.ear file. persistence.xml and persistence.properties in metainfo directory ( I copy them into ejb3.deployer too), also I have *.ds.xml file with all dbms connection info ( all of these used to work with hibeenat 3.0 ). my dbms is sql server.

      in my *.jar file, only session bean classes ( home, remote and sessionbean )
      with some support jar file;
      in my *.par file, only entity class with some support file;
      I put *.xml and *.properties into metainfo directory too.

      this *.ear file is put into ejb3.deployer.
      deployment has error show up:
      java.net.sockettimeoutexception: Receive timed out.

      WHO KNOW the reason.