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    WEB-INF/lib  (.war) Vs  META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (.ear)

    A P Newbie

      What are the Class loading differences between libraries that are in a web application web-inf/lib and that are in class-path entry of META-INF/manifest.mf of a ear.

      I recently developed a web services application with a ejb endpoint.Then
      packaged it in a ear file with the classpath entry .The problem occured when I placed the weblogic.jar(and other third party jars) in the ear file which my ejb.jar uses as utility jar's. Jboss starts behaving weird.Some of the classes of jboss are overwritten and class cast exception errors started coming up.

      Overnight I changed the application to a servlet end point and placed all my jars in the WEB-INF/lib then everything started working smooth.

      Can any body help me , understand what is happening. Why doesn't j2ee have something like META-INF/lib