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    URGENT - Problem with Transaction attribute 'RequiesNew' on

    Siva Uppari Newbie


      I have 2 ejbs,

      First ejb all methods has transaction attribute as "Requires", second ejb all the methods has transaction attribute of "RequiredNew".

      For one scenario, I had a call to method of first ejb, which does some db udpates and then delegate call to
      second ejb for some db updates.

      once the control comes back to first ejb after serving second ejb db udpates, suppose further down in first ejb if there are any db calls

      it gives the following error.. I..e. entire transaction is getting closed, after RequiredNew ejb method call.

      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Connection handle has been closed and is unusable.

      Ideally it suppose to take new transaction, new connection while calling second ejb method. But I guess it is using same db connection and also closing
      that after method execution completed.

      Any insights on this issue.