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    EJB not founf

    Rajiv Newbie


      I have deployed my EJB in JBOSS under ejb/MyBean. Everything works fine for few hours or even few day and all of sudden may client fails to get the HomeInterface for "ejb/MyBean" , "MyBean not bound". Looking at the server log there was no evidence of bean was undeployed or any other exception, jmx-console tells me that the MyBean is fine. I am not sure what is happening. If i use my web service interface, the bean is found fine by the servlet, but any external client cannot find it. Any ideas what is happening.



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          Darren Senel Newbie

          Did you ever resolve this ?

          We are seeing the exact same issue occur. Our EJB deploys and the client can access it for several days then all of a sudden we get an EJB Not Bound error occur and we have to restart the server before the application runs again.

          Any ideas appreciated.