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    Web Component calling EJB Layer.

    Pawan Newbie


      I have a frame work working on jboss(ver 3.0.8) and Tomcat 4.1. In this case we are not using the built-in Tomcat.

      We are trying to port this frame work to JBoss 4.

      JSP components use Java Beans. These Java Beans look up EJBs and call EJB methods. Most of the code is working. However, in case some modules, something strange is happening.

      From the logs, i can see that the Java Bean has looked up(and narrowed) the JNDI for some EJB and has called a create() on the Home Interface.

      And, most important, the logs in Bean constructor and ejbCreate() method also show in Server.log. but there are no logs from the Business Logic method.

      Immediatly following logs from Bean constructor and ejbCreate() method, there are logs from SiteFilter.

      I am not clear what is happening. Pls, can some one help me with this.

      Thanks in advance.