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    JBoss crash due to a JNI error

    J-C jc Apprentice

      I have an ear that uses a JNI library. Due to a bug in the JNI, from time to time the JVM crashes. I can not modify the JNI.

      My problem is to know how to workaround my JNI bug.

      Any suggestions are welcome !

      1- Is is it possible to have a special JVM for one ear in order that a crash of the JNI lib does not crash the full App server ?

      2- Is it possible to restart JBoss after a crash ?

      3- Other ideas ?

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          Francesco Zen Newbie

          I have a segmentation fault when calling an EJB that uses native libraries and jboss crashes (4.0.4GA).
          This ONLY happens under linux (ubuntu) but works fine with Windows. And under linux the JNI code has no problems outside of the container.
          Any Idea?
          At least, where can I find more info about the reasons for the crash?