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    Ejb timers and persistence reactivation

    Philip Wu Newbie


      I'm having a problem with the way JBoss reactivates EJB Timers that were persisted to disk.
      STEP 1: I cancel all timers then create a new timer in the init() method of a servlet that loads-on-startup. After this point I have at least one timer instance.
      STEP 2: I stop the JBoss server. From what I understand, the EJB timer instance is persisted to disk
      STEP 3: THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS!! I start the JBoss server. My servlet from StEP 1, should remove all existing timers and create a new one. But the Timers that were persisted from STEP 2, haven't been reactivated!! They get reactivated after my servlet initialization!!

      Shouldn't the persisted timers be reactivated BEFORE servlet initialization?

      Much help needed on this! thanx