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    JBoss and SFSB removal (and JMX Console)

    morenito9000 Newbie

      Hi all,
      I need some explanations about the removal
      process of SFSB with JBoss and the JMX console.

      Three questions:

      1) When JBoss removes a SFSB (after having passivated it)
      does it call ejbRemove() method ?
      With JMX Console I don't see (or I don't know how to see)
      this call.

      2) I'd like to stop JBoss with a clean situation (for clean situation
      I mean no SFSB in cache and no SFSB passivated).
      With JMX Console can I force passivation and/or removel process ?

      3) If the answer to question n.2 is NO there are problems
      if I stop (and restart) JBoss with passivated SFSB still present ?
      I think, but I'm no sure, that there will be problems only
      client-side if client try to reuse the previously passivated
      SFSB that (after having stopped and restarted JBoss) is not still

      Sorry for my poor english :-(
      Any help is very very appreciated