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    JBoss 3-Getting local EJBObject from Context pointing to rem

    Ajit Kulkarni Newbie

      I am having 2 JBoss servers with same EAR deployed with a simple Stateless Session Bean deployed -say Server A and Server B. I have a JSP in Server B which tries to create a Context with provider URL pointing to Server A and tries to get handle to the remote EJB deployed on Server A. The problem is that the actual EJB object that i get is the local EJB(by this I dont mean EJBLocalHome or EJBLocalObject - i dont have local interfaces at all). While debugging i found that the actual bean that gets invoked by the JSP is not remote bean on server A but is on the local server (on which the JSP is hosted - Server B).
      Why is it so that even though the my Context points to a remote server, I am getting handle to the EJB deployed in local server? Is this a because of a bug or is it a setting/deployment problem?