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    JBOSS - No response for database insertion transaction

    Harish G Newbie


      We have a application running on JBOSS 4.0 application server in one system (s1) . This server connects to database, which exists in another system(s2).

      Due to some hardware failure, jboss was moved to entirely different system (s3)and assiging same ip address to system(s1 ipaddress). Now the jboss & the application deployed in the new system(s3) connects to the database existing system (s2).

      After moving the application, the database insertion queries executed through the session bean(stateless EJB) are not responding. However the select queries are working fine. For example, when we try to create a new user from the application, which requires the insert statement to be executed, the browser window shows progress but with no response.
      The system just hangs.. After some time i get following message
      The requested URL could not be retrieved

      While trying to retrieve the URL: <[no URL]>
      The following error was encountered:
      Read Timeout
      The system returned:
      [No Error]
      A Timeout occurred while waiting to read data from the network. The network
      or server may be down or congested. Please retry your request.
      Your cache administrator is webmaster <mailto:webmaster>.
      Similar problem exists in all other modules which requires the insert statement to be executed.

      Any help from anybody is much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.