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    Remote connection ptoblem with JBoss-4.0.2

    Anatoly Koval Newbie

      Sorru for my english.

      I'm developing a little application, that works with a JBoss AS by the using EJB entity beans and JMS.

      The client application is developed in the C++ (MSVC) as NT Service and for communicate with JBoss use the JNI (little java application, wraps the communication with the JBoss). This app can run in normal mode(as NT service), and in the debug mode - as normal application.

      The testing environment:
      PC Athlon 2600 (1Gb memory) Windows 2000 with VMware.
      JBoss+MySql installed on the Linux RedHat(256Mb memory) guests system and on my host system (with the different IPs).
      Client app installed on WindowsXP guest system.
      So, on the my PC I have the Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux+WindowsXP in VMware as guest systems (every system has its own IP and all systems may by accessed from others by HTTP/TCP/Telnet/etc).

      Whet I try to run my client app on guest XP with the JBoss, running on my host system (Windows2000)- all is OK (in the client debug mode and NTSErvice mode).
      When I try to run my client app with the JBoss, running on Linux, all is OK in the client debug mode and nothing in NTService mode. From the server side I check the moments of communications of client by the debug messages (System.out.println(...)) in the beans on the JBoss. What is wrong?
      I can say, that in this environment the client communicate with the JBoss on Linux very-very slow. May be, depend of this, I have the problem?

      Any suggestions?
      Thank You