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    SFSB caching average and passivation remover timers

    Ben Wang Master

      While trying to resolve this issue: http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=75370
      , cusomter also discover an additional issue. Here is the description:

      If we have a setting like:

      max-bean-life = 3600 (secs)
      * Used to determine when to remove the bean in the passivation store by: (max-bean-life - max-bean-age) = 0 now.

      max-bean-age = 3600 (secs)
      * Used to determine when to passivate

      So in this case, after 1 hour, the bean will be passivated first and removed immediately. Not perfect but still ok.

      The caveat when you have pool size of only 2, so when bean1 is passivated, next time when remover task thread comes in to check for bean removal, it will remove it immediately since the delta is 0 now as well!

      Next when 10 mins is up, and the session unbound listener in web container tries to remove the ejb, you will have bean not found exception since it has been removed.

      Of course the get-around is to set the two timer differently. But do we have an easy solution for this?