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    Webstart Client local cache

    Roland Käser Newbie


      I'm on application design of a web start application (including form designer) to access CMP beans (or hibernate) on JBOSS. The most limiting part is the internet connection between the clients and the jboss server because its possible to exchange data bigger than 1MB between the clients and the server. Is there any mechanism known to locally cache (and serialized save) hibernate objects on the client side with a explicit caching mechanism? I currently work on a design by which all entries in the database contains a field SerialVersion which is incremented each time when the object is updated. Each time a client requests a document from the server, the client requests first the value of SerialVersion to find out if the object on the server is newer than the local object. It the local object is up to date, it takes it from the local cache instead of loading it again from the server. Is there a framework or concept which allows a equal architecture on JBOSS?

      Roland Kaeser