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    Deployment Descriptor for EJBs

    Susitha Bandara Newbie

      I need to know what should be the additional deployment descriptor necessary for EJBs otherthan "application.xml, web.xml and ejb-jar.xml".
      That is similar xml file to the "weblogic-ejb-jar.xml" we are using in weblogic server. It is better if someone can provide me an sample code.

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          Ayusman Dikshit Newbie

          Hi Susitha,
          for an EJB you need only two deployment descriptors,
          one: ejb-jar.xml
          jboss.xml (same as weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file in weblogic) file.
          The other files you have mentioned, application.xml, web.xml etc are not exactly part of an EJB.
          You can do without them also.

          It seems yo are migrating ur application from weblogic to jboss!! ;-)