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    EJB2 Interceptor Response Values

    Thomas Termin Newbie


      I don't know if this is the right forum for my question! If it is, sorry about that and maybe point me to the right forum.

      I created some interceptors for the client container and the server container to undertake a generic performance instrumentation for the EJB-container.

      Now the problem:

      The client interceptor puts some values in the invocation object (invocation.setValue(...)) for the server interceptor. The server interceptor should read those values. That's ok until here. But I need some response values from the server interceptor for the client interceptor.

      The AOP interceptors for EJB3 have the addResponseAttachment function. Is this also possible for the EJB2 interceptors?

      I hope my english is understandable and the question is not to bad.

      Thanks in advance