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    Proxy Server and EJBs - confused.

    Chris Bitmead Newbie

      I'm still pretty confused about how to get JBOSS ejbs to talk through a http proxy and so on.

      I understand about setting these properties, that's fine:


      But surely there must be somewhere to tell the JBOSS client where to find the proxy server. The java.naming.provider.url contains the internet address of the jboss server, but surely we need to tell it where the proxy server and port number is that it needs to talk through to access the server.

      The other thing I don't understand is if there is something else that needs to be changed to get the actual EJBs to talk http protocol. The above config makes JNDI talk http, but is there another change to make the EJBs talk it as well, or does the above achieve the whole thing?

      I'm finding the JBOSS documentation lacking in this area.