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    how many context a container can have?

    mohammad shadmehr Newbie

      how many context a container can have?
      as i've brung up earlier i want to generate 5000 integer number in client and set them in the session bean in the server whithin a second.i tried to to that by multithreading but it didn't go through with it!!!
      every thread has a for-loop with 500 loops that in each loop it generates a random number and call the set method in bean and set it, so i have 10 thread with 500 loops that it equals 5000 random num that it takes 6 or 7 seconds to do that.i did it with a simple thread like a for-loop with 5000 loops and it was same with last solution.(i just just call the create() method of session bean once and after that call the set method)
      i think it depends on the context in the container.i think the context puts all request in a line then responses to them turn by turn.if i could define more context in the container or manage context to cross more than one request in a time it worked!! but how??????is there any configuration in jboss???
      thanks for ur notice and may be ur ansewers