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    Limit number of instances of a specified bean in the contain

    Popa Mirela Newbie


      I need some help on this issue - my application uses more stateless session beans, but some of them are used often, and others only seldom. For this reason I would like to have in my container more instances of the EJBs often used, and only a few instances of the other beans (to save memory ;-)).
      I thought that maybe I can limit the number of instances in the pool for the seldom used beans, but I don't know how I could do something like this.
      I know the <container-pool-conf> container configuration tag from standardjboss.xml and jboss.xml, but they limit the number of instances in the container, but not specific to one EJB (but to all EJBs put in that container).

      Any ideas?

      Thank you,