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    JBoss clustering problem

    Alessandro Rossi Newbie

      I've 2 installation of JBoss 4.3.2 on my intranet (one on a server, and one on my PC to debug during the development). I read that by default jboss works on cluster if there is more than an instance of jboss on the same intranet. I deployed an ejb and an application on the server.
      In the Jboss in the server I've the "stable" version of my ejb and my application, and in my PC Jboss the "unstable" version.
      When I start both jboss but in my PC I've a version that doesn't work, even if I try to connect to the server, it gives me "Socket connection error".

      So, to solve the situation I have to stop the jboss in my PC, but this is not enough, I have to restart the jboss on the server too.

      the jndi.properties of my ejb client is:

      Why even if I connect to the jboss on the server it tries to access to my PC?

      Does anybody can help me?
      Thank you
      Alessandro Rossi