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    @PersistenceUnit on SessionBean class

    Petra Tobolikova Newbie

      Hi, excuse my (maybe) silly question, I'm relatively new to EJBs.

      When I use code like this (example from the EJB3.0 specification):

      public class InventoryManagerBean implements InventoryManager {
      @Resource SessionContext ctx;

      public void updateInventory(...) {
      javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory emf =
      javax.persistence.EntityManager em = emf.getEntityManager();

      it doesn't work by now and I heard it's a bug and should be corrected in another version of JBoss AS..

      WHAT I'd like to know is whether I could register the "persistence/InventoryAppDB? on one SessionBean class and call the
      in another bean of different SessionBean class.. Will the environment still be visible?