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    FROM not found because of dynamic query

    Frank Huiskamp Newbie


      i've been trying to get a dynamic query to work but when i deploy my package i get the error 'FROM not found' on a totally different class. I already found through google and this forum it points to the wrong class and i know the problem is in my dynamic query because without it, it deploys without any problem.

      I use the following code:

       * Entitybean for StudentTable
       * @ejb.bean name="Student"
       * display-name="Name for Student"
       * description="Description for Student"
       * jndi-name="ejb/Student"
       * type="CMP"
       * cmp-version="2.x"
       * view-type="local"
       * primkey-field="studentNumber"
       * @jboss.query
       * dynamic = "true";
       * signature = "java.util.Collection ejbSelectGeneral(java.lang.String query, java.lang.Object[] args)"
      public abstract class StudentBean implements EntityBean {
       // ... useuall stuff
       * @ejb.interface-method
       public abstract java.util.Collection ejbSelectGeneral(java.lang.String query, Object[] args) throws FinderException;
       * @ejb.home-method
       * view-type="local"
       public java.util.Collection ejbHomeSearchStudents(java.lang.String query, java.lang.Object[] args) throws FinderException {
       StringBuffer jbossQl = new StringBuffer();
       jbossQl.append("SELECT OBJECT(l) ");
       jbossQl.append("FROM Student s, IN(s.labels) l ");
       jbossQl.append("WHERE ");
       return ejbSelectGeneral(jbossQl.toString(), args);

      I'm not sure if the StringBuffer was required but it didn't matter anyway. I got the same error. I really hope someone can help me with this problem as i need to fix it asap!

      I use the latest version of Eclipse with the JBoss IDE plugin and JBoss server 4.0.3.

      Thanks in advance.