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    EJB Remove in statelesssession bean

    Susant Patnaik Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have a Statelessejb which has 4 methods and all 3 methods are executing fine but when i am going to 4 th method its removing ejb from the pool in jboss.
      can any body help me how can i solve this problem ?
      am i have to increase any pool size of stateless ejb in jboss.
      Thanks in Advance.

      Susant Patnaik

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          Mark Lybarger Apprentice

          you don't really give any details about your method execution. there's many reasons an app server will remove a slsb from the pool as required from the ejb specification. anytime a bean throws a checked exception, it gets removed from the pool.

          i don't know the details of how to control the size of the beans in the pool. are you certain you have requests queing up waiting on a free bean in the pool? i created a simple test of one slsb, and had 100 threads call the bean. depending on the hardware it was running on, jboss created different number of beans in the pool.