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    StatefulSession caching ejb references

    g king Newbie


      I have a stateful session bean which holds references to various ejb's and performs queries against them. When I deploy the app several times one set of ejb's stop working. The only way to get them to work again, randomly, is to change the problem ejb's, so as, I guess, to give them a different footprint.

      What's the cause?

      My deployment looks like the following:


      jar2-ejb.jar's ejb-jar.xml references classes in jar1-ejb.jar, like so:

       <ejb-relationship-role >
       <relationship-role-source >
       <ejb-name>TestEJB</ejb-name> - jar2-ejb.jar
       <cmr-field >
       <relationship-role-source >
       <ejb-name>SiteTestPriceListEJB</ejb-name> - jar1-ejb.jar
       <cmr-field >

      Checking the jmx-concolse I see that since the SiteTestPriceListEJB is listed in both jar's ejb-jar.xml file it is deployed twice...

      I wonder if that might be causing my grief?

      Thanks for any suggestions!