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    migration from websphere to jboss

    kalaiselvan elangovan Newbie

      while migrating from websphere to jboss,i have some problem.

      i have configured the login module in login-config file.. it is working fine ...

      in this project i m using both stateless sesion facade and entity... here m using entity as local for the session...

      it enters into the session facade but not into entity...it creates the entity local home object...but it is giving remote object as null...

      i guess the problem is due the <ejb-link> tag used in ejb -jar.xml... i dont know how to configure the same in jboss.xml...

      i tried with giving <local -jndi -name> in jboss.xml but still i m not able to link my session with entity....

      for ur reference i m giving my portion of ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml

      IN ejb-jar.xml

      <ejb-local-ref id="EJBLocalRef_1121842413218">

      IN jboss.xml


      please check this and help me...

      i m in dare need of the solution...

      thanks ,