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    Documentation on Default transaction type

    Steven Peh Newbie

      Hi all, does anyone know of or can point me to any documentation that states what the default transaction type is for a CMT EJB when we don't specify the container-transaction attribute for that bean in the ejb-jar.xml?

      This is for JBoss 4.0.2. Practically, it seems to be running in an unspecified transaction context if we do not specifically specify a transaction attribute for the CMT bean, so it seems to be using Supports. We've checked the EJB 2.1 spec, it doesn't say what the default is, all it says is if the Application assembler does not specify one for CMT bean, then the deployer must specify it. We've looked at the JBoss AS online guide as well as the EJB FAQ and general JBoss FAQ. None of these document the default transaction attribute. Does anyone know for certain what transaction attribute a bean will run under if none is specified and it is marked as Container managed? Anyone has a link to can point us to the documentation that states the default?