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    RequiredNew transaction type

    Bogdan Sturzoiu Newbie

      Hi there
      I have a method inside of EJB EJB1: methodA() with Required.
      EJB1:methodA() call 2 others methods:
      EJB2:methodB(); - Required
      EJB3:methodC(); - RequiresNew

      If inside of EJB2:methodB() is catch an exception and inside of ot i have:

      the method call EJB3:methodC(); produce any effect?

      Because in debug mode i observed that code is executed, but no effect in database remain.

      Thank you fo support

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          Dirk Haase Newbie

          methodC should run in a separate transaction and commit upon completion.

          Your post doesn't show how you called methodB and methodC, so let me make sure: Did you call those methods over the local interface or just inside the bean implementation? The new Transaction is of course only started if the invocation passes the interceptor stack.


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            Bogdan Sturzoiu Newbie

            Hi guys.
            Was resolved this problem.
            Was related with some code write by a colegue
            That code when throws an error, also, made rollback

            Now this rollback is not throw when i call the code (using the local interface), it is throw only from remote implementation method.

            Thank you for support