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    Bind or deploy local interfaces in JBoss 4.0.2

    Nicolas hoyos Newbie


      I am trying to use local interfaces in jboss4.02 and they don't work, they can be deployed, there is no errors when i deploy the local interfaces but when i try to bind them, it is not possible to do it. In jboss3.2 they work perfect! i realize that when i deploy them in jboss4.02 the jndi name in jboss say: "local/task@19836" (local/task is the right name) but the numbers are always different, i don t know if maybe that is the cause but i haven`t been able to "dissappear those numbers", but i am not sure if it would solve the problem. The point is that if i use the local interfaces instead of the remote interfaces it doesn´t works, but if i use the remote interfaces they work perfect in jboss 4, but i need to use the local interfaces.

      Please i appreciate any tip you could give me, thanks a lot,

      Nicolas Hoyos