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    Cannot join transaction - Mixing CMT and BMT

    Christian Buss Newbie

      after changing from jboss4.0.4RC1 to jboss4.0.4.GA i get the following warning:
      "Cannot join transaction, not a JoinableCMTTransaction".

      (The data is not synchronized correctly with the database)

      This warning is thrown on the call of a BMT-SLSB out of a CMT-SLSB.

      I know that BMT is not the proposed way to implement transactions, but in my special case i think that it makes sense.

      Concerning the ejb3-spec, the expected behaviour of the calling bean should be to suspend its transaction before invoking the BMT-Bean.

      (With jboss4.0.4RC1 everything works fine)

      Thanks in advance for your help,