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    4.04GA CMP 2.x: Logging (log4j) transaction detail (trace)

    Nat Gross Newbie

      CMP 2.x on 4.04GA using 'default' server with sql trace logging:

      I need to track the details of my transactions. I was very surprised that either a) jboss does not do this even in debug mode or b)I simply don't know how to turn it on. Currently my jboss logs has all the sql statements details and then some. BUT, when it comes to transactions, I have a 'commit' here and there (only when related to an ejbTimer) but no real log to track the transaction.

      I should have a log of:
      a) start of a transaction or branch and which method caused it,
      b) end of transaction with either a commit or rollback and again which method caused it.
      c) as the transaction traverses methods, the log should say, method x: included in tx#y, or excluded.

      I need this, because I am certain that for some reason my trans attributes for my beans/methods are not being set the way I set them in ejb-jar.
      And again, I was surprised that my detail DEBUG mode logs do not have any of this.
      Hopefully its just a setting in log4j.
      Thank you all;