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    2.1 EJB Timer and 4.0.4.GA startup

    Ben Krywucki Newbie


      We have had multiple timer ejbs happily deployed on 4.0.2 for a while now. They are being created from the init() of a servlet...

      When I deploy to 4.0.4.GA, it appears that the ejbTimeout(Timer timer) for each timer object fires multiple times (many, many times) during app server startup.

      My question is: Is this supposed to happen? I read the following from the 2.1 spec (22.4.2):

      Timers are persistent objects. In the event of a container crash, any single-event timers that have expired
      during the intervening time before container restart must cause the ejbTimeout method to be invoked
      upon restart. Any interval timers that have expired during the intervening time must cause the ejb-
      Timeout method to be invoked at least once upon restart.

      But the timers haven't expired...

      If the above behavior is errant, then the following concern is moot...

      The execution of the ejbTimeout(Timer timer) causes numerous exceptions as the timer object utilizes another session ejb which is not bound to JNDI space at time of firing.

      At the end, the timer objects are successfully created by the servlet, so the above is more of a nuisance than a real problem.

      Thanks for the help in advance,