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    Entity bean method "isIdentical" do not verify a server node

    Maxim Karavaev Newbie

      In my application I connect to a different JBoss servers and take the same types of CMP entity beans with unknown primary keys. So when I check for "isIdentical" two beans from different servers, then sometimes I had an unexpected result, that this beans are IDENTICAL!
      I found in the sources, that there is compared JNDI names of the beans and theirs PK (that can be the same on different servers).
      Please, help. How to avoid this problem in multy server environment?

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          What is the overal use-case? Are you accessing ejb2.0 entity beans directly/remotely?

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            Maxim Karavaev Newbie


            What is the overal use-case?

            Client remotely search an entity beans on different jboss servers. The result is a collection of remote stub objects to different servers. From other process we have one remote stub object, that can be found (or not) in the first collection. Needs to determine this.
            In other words, implement some kind of Collection.contains() method, in distributed environment of JBoss servers. This is not a claster of servers, but autonomous set of servers with the same application.

            Are you accessing ejb2.0 entity beans directly/remotely?

            Remotely of course.