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    EJB access through RMI/HTTPS: is it possible ?

    Baptiste Pesquet Newbie

      Hi all,

      For some reason my client wants me to check that it's possible to access session EJBs deployed on a JBoss appserver (4.0.*) through RMI/HTTPS.

      What I already know:
      - EJB access through RMI/HTTP -> OK
      - JNDI/HTTPS -> OK
      - EJB access through RMI/SSL (JSSE) -> OK

      However, I searched the JBoss docs, the Web and these forums for an example of RMI/HTTPS configuration without success. Some other posts such as:
      discuss the matter without any definitive conclusion or enough details for me to understand.

      Can anyone give me a clue about this? Thanks in advance.