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    Strange behavior of findByPrimaryKey

    Jaros?aw Kondrat Newbie


      I have a strange problem with CMP. Everythin is OK for a few hours after jboss restart, but then a method "A_Home.findByPrimaryKey" starts to return wrong objects, but not all are wrong.

      A_Local contain data from table A(primaryKey) and collection of S table elements. Relation between A and S is 1..n. As I mention above after few hours I get a correct data from table A and a S collection assigned to another primaryKey. Look at those logs:

      log 1: 670 SMS SLocal:1348 SLocal:1344 SLocal:1343 SLocal:1341

      log 2: 669 AC SLocal:1348 SLocal:1344 SLocal:1343 SLocal:1341

      first is ID(primaryKey), then name and S collection. As you can see I get the same S elements for two different ID.

      Does anyone know a solution or have any ideas how to solve this case?
      I already wrote to JBoss support but not anwser yet.

      I will pricciate for any answer.