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    Transaction Required Exception in EJB Client

    kickmetoandy Newbie


      i am getting a javax.transaction.TransactionRequiredException: Transaction Required when i try to access (finder method call)
      my ejb cmp beans from a ejb client.

      In my client i am using the UserTransction to handle transactions :

      tx = (UserTransaction) jndiContext.lookup("UserTransaction");
       acces to my cmp bean

      This works fine, when i access my cmp beans on a single jboss. however
      if my cmp beans are deployed in a jboss cluster im a getting the Exception
      above, accessing my cmp beans. The transaction type for my cmp beans
      is "Mandatory", i am using jboss 3.2.7.
      What can be the cause of my problem ? Is it possible that it has something
      to do with distributed transactions ?

      any ideas ?

      thanks in advance,