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    Default Transaction Attribute in JBoss

    Hari Prasad Kuppuswamy Newbie

      Hai All,

      I am currently using JBoss-4.0.2 in my project.It works with a Default Transaction attribute of 'Required'.

      But since the Spec does not mandate any Default Transaction Attribute and also I read the Transaction attribute varies with different versions of JBoss....What is the safest flexible approach I can take in the following scenario?

      I have a Session Facade method which invokes a series of services to create/update/remove records in DB.And it should succeed function in all or none basis.So now, for defining a Transaction in this case :

      1. Is it good to define Transaction as 'Required' in all Session Facade methods and Entity Bean setters ?
      2. Is it enough to define Transaction as 'Required' only in the main Facade method which invokes series of services,as I understand that Transaction attribute varies only from 'Required' to 'Supports' in different versions.So in that case all the Session Facade and Entity Beans would participate in Transaction context set by the main Facade.

      Can anybody help/suggest me in this case!!!

      Hari Prasad K.