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    Problem with EJB Transactions

    Roberto Morales Newbie

      I have three methods in one EJB, this methods are marked as follow:
      Method A: requires transaction
      Method B requiere new transaction
      Method C require new transaction

      Method A first call method B and then call Method C many times, the idea is that method C when fail do a rollback only for transaction generated in every call.

      In JBOSS when method C do a rollback, the rollback affects the other transactions.

      Any idea to solve this problem. Im doing something wrong?. Help me please

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          alok jain Newbie

          Hi ,
          From what i get of your problem description is :
          Let us say method A will be under transaction T1
          then it calls method B in T2 ( requiresNew ) .
          Now whatever be the outcome of T2 , T1 is not affected because JBoss does not support Nested Transactions .
          Same logic applies to your method C .

          If this is not the case please provide more details .